The Best Food Ideas for a Casual Buffet

Posted on: 29 June 2018

Buffets are a good idea for any large party, as a buffet requires less wait staff to assist during mealtime and also provides a nice variety of food for everyone in attendance. If you're planning a casual wedding or any type of party in the near future, note a few of the best foods to consider for your buffet.

Glazed ham

Ham is a very inexpensive meat that is easy to glaze and cook—and just about everyone loves it! You can pair ham with a wide variety of side dishes, from au gratin or mashed potatoes to a simple vegetable dish or salad. You can also slice ham and create a sandwich buffet with toasted rolls and a slaw topping—perfect for a summer luncheon or kids party. 

Baked penne

If you want to do all the cooking for your casual party, baked penne is a great choice. You can easily make baked penne the night before your party by boiling the noodles and then arranging them in a baking dish with your selection of cheeses and cream and even chicken or sausage. Keep the pans refrigerated, and then put them in the oven right before your party begins. When guests are ready to eat, you'll have hot, bubbly pasta that is very filling and sure to please a crowd.

Barbecued shredded beef

Shredded beef cooked in a barbecue sauce is a great way to serve a cheap cut of beef to a very large crowd. Cooking the beef right in the barbecue sauce makes it tender and flavourful, and this dish can be served on its own or with rolls and bread for sandwiches. This is also a simple dish to prepare yourself, as you can cook the beef in the barbecue sauce the night before your event and then simply slide these pans back in the oven for a quick warm-up right before everyone is ready to eat.

Italian pizza

One reason that Italian pizza is such a great choice for a party buffet is that you can choose a wide variety of toppings and flavours, so it's easy to please a crowd when you offer pizza at your party. You might have a few vegetarian pizzas with just tomatoes, onions, peppers and cheese, or you could opt for something thick and hearty with a selection of sausages and beef. Pizza is also so filling that you can have it as your only menu option or include a light salad and dessert for a full meal!