How To Plan Your Kid's Birthday Party At A Restaurant

Posted on: 30 March 2020

Restaurants are an ideal venue to hold your kid's birthday party. Restaurants ease the planning process since you do not have to make food or worry about décor. Read the excerpt below to learn how you can plan your kid's birthday party at a restaurant. 

Choosing a Restaurant

Choosing a restaurant is probably the most critical aspect of the planning process. Some of your concerns should include the following:

1. Type of Restaurant

The restaurant must be child-friendly. For instance, restaurants with a waterfront or kids' playing area would be a perfect choice. Your kid will want his or her friends to come over. As such, you should avoid restaurants with a noisy sports bar. 

2. Restaurant Policy

Contact management and inform them of your intent to hold your kid's party at their establishment. Below are a few questions to ask:

  1. What is the reservation policy? For instance, how much of a deposit should you pay? Can you reserve any of the tables at the restaurant?
  2. What kind of food and drinks can they provide? Ask whether the restaurant can prepare a special menu for your event. It is a vital consideration if you will have kids on special diet attending the event. Besides, you may also want them to make a birthday cake.
  3. What are the rules? For instance, some restaurants may prohibit too much noise while others may restrict the use of fireworks.
  4. What are the closing hours? It is a vital consideration if you would want to hold the party in the evening.

3. Pricing

The restaurant should give you a quote of how much they will charge to hold the party. You could ask for a buffet for your guests or tell your guests to order directly from the menu. Most establishments will give a discount if you have a large number of guests. 


Your first task is to invite guests to the party. Call the parents of your child's friends and inform them of your intent to invite their kids to the birthday party. Additionally, send invites to close relatives such as aunties, uncles and grandparents. 

Plan the day's activities in advance. For instance, if the restaurant has a garden area, you could ask a party hire company to bring bouncing castles and waterslides. Besides, you should organise some exciting games to keep the kids busy.

Think about the adults. Some cocktails and beers would help lighten the mood. Besides, carry some cards and board games. 

Planning a restaurant birthday for your child should be easy with the above tips. Choose an appropriate restaurant, check the restaurant's policy and pricing and observe the recommended planning tips.