3 Reasons to Choose a Locally Sourced Steakhouse for Your Next Business Lunch

Posted on: 26 February 2018

Can't decide where to eat on your next business lunch? Why not choose a locally sourced steakhouse? Here are 3 ways local steak will make your meeting more likely to be a success.

The Steak Is Tastier

One of the quickest ways to turn your business lunch sour is to choose a restaurant with bad food. Complaints about the meal will cast a negative cloud over your negotiations, and a business acquaintance who is unhappy is less likely to be receptive to your pitch. Choosing a locally sourced steakhouse ensures that everyone at the lunch will be happy with their meal because local food tastes better. While this may sound hard to believe, it's important to remember that steak that's been reared nearby reaches your plate before it's deteriorated, unlike steak which has to go through long transit periods. In addition, studies have shown that the moral satisfaction you get from eating ethically produced food actually makes the food taste better.

You'll Support the Australian Economy

Do you care about supporting the local Australian economy? Many of today's businesspeople do, and eating local food is a great way to do so. Alongside reinvesting your money in a local restaurant, you'll be supporting trade between Australian farmers and the food industry, helping to grow the country's economy across multiple sectors. Alongside giving you a personal sense of satisfaction, choosing a locally sourced steakhouse shows the people you're meeting that you care about others, which can help endear them to you when it comes to making a deal. Even when you're meeting with businessmen and businesswomen from overseas, displaying a sense of duty and social mindedness will often be appreciated. 

It Shows You Care About the Earth

When you're meeting with businesspeople, it's important that they can see that you care about the environment. One survey showed that 84% of companies are environmentally conscious. Even when the heads of the company don't put sustainability first, further research indicates that the employees you could be meeting with care more about the environment than their organisation does. The issue can become even more important when you're meeting with foreign executives. Japan, New Zealand, the UK, and Germany (four of Australia's biggest trading partners) all rank in the top 20 on a list of countries with the best environmental performance. Locally sourced steakhouses have a positive impact on the environment because they encourage the growth and maintenance of farmland and greenery alongside reducing pollution from food transportation.