Here's Why You Should Work from a Cafe if You're a Freelancer

Posted on: 5 February 2018

Head to any café and you'll find more than people grabbing a latte before work or old friends meeting for some tea and cakes. You should also spot a few people diligently tapping away at the keys of their laptops, and you should strongly consider joining them if you're a freelancer. It might have become something of a cliché to visit your local café to get a little work done, but there are plenty of great reasons why you should.

Meals and Refreshments on Tap

The most obvious reason to work from a café is also one of the most attractive: you'll have all the food and drink you want available right away, and with no effort on your part. If you need to burn through some important paperwork, simply order your caffeinated weapon of choice to get yourself through it. If you're feeling peckish, simply order a light meal or snack. You'll be able to get hot, professionally-made food and drink without interrupting your flow of work.

Less Temptation to Procrastinate

People assume that working from a café can be distracting, but nothing could be further from the truth. Because you're in public, you're less likely to slack off by scrolling through social media feeds or changing from your word processor to your latest computer game. And if you do find the ambient noise gets a little too much during rush hours, simply pop on some headphones and tune it all out.

Invigorating Atmosphere

Working from home is great, at least at first. After a week or two, the novelty of wearing pyjamas all day starts to wear off – you remember how nice it was to work around other people. In a café, you won't be around people you know. However, you'll be in a bustling atmosphere that simply has a little more energy. As time goes by, you'll find yourself on first-name terms with the staff, so you'll always have a friend nearby to chat with when you both aren't busy.

Fantastic for Meetups

Though freelancers tend to work alone, most are part of online groups or have friends who also freelance, and it's nice to do the odd meetup. You can either have a coworking session or simply meet to chat. If you already have a café you work from, you have a meetup space ready and waiting to go. It's much nicer than having everyone around your house, especially if you're meeting for the first time.